TENS of thousands of children in Glasgow are financial losers following the Chancellor’s cuts to tax credits new figures reveal.

The cuts announced in his post election Budget will hit 26,000 families in the city with more than 46,000 children living in households whose income will fall.

Before the budget the Evening Times revealed that almost 80,000 kids were at risk of cuts as the total number whose parents received tax credits.

Now the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) has produced analysis which shows how many will be facing a drop in income.

It shows that 60% of children in the city whose household relies on tax credits will be subjected to a drop in income accounting for more than 13% of all Scots kids impacted.

Glasgow Pollok constituency has the highest number of children who will be affected with 8300 losing out.

It is one of four Glasgow areas in the top ten of Scotland’s 73 constituencies all with more than 6000 affected.

Provan with 6200, Southside with 6100 and Maryhill and Springburn at 6000 are also on the list.

All but one of the city’s eight constituencies has more than 5000 children impacted, according to the figures. Only Kelvin, with 2500 is lower.

Anniesland has 5800, Cathcart 5500 and Shettleston 5100 children whose parents will see their tax credits cut.

Cathcart SNP MSP James Dornan said the figures were shameful.

He said: “George Osborne’s shameful cuts were always going to be a huge blow to those who were already struggling to get by – and these figures show that it is children who are going to pay the heaviest price, with almost 50,000 children set to lose out across the city.

“The Tory government should be utterly ashamed that the number of children from working families living in poverty has grown under their watch – but as these cuts to tax credits show, they are intent on intensifying their punitive cuts agenda.”

Stewart McDonald, Glasgow South SNP MP said: “Working families and vulnerable people in Scotland can’t afford for decisions over the economy and social security to continue to be made by the likes of George Osborne. These powers must be transferred to Scotland – allowing us to take meaningful action to tackle poverty and support working families. ? “With their appalling track record, it’s no wonder the Tories are trying to change legislation to abandon targets on child poverty. It’s clear that the Tories know exactly how badly their cuts will affect children across the country.”

Across Scotland almost 350,000 children in almost 200,000 families are affected of the more than half a million whose household income depends on tax credits.

Mr Osborne said low income families would be better off with a rise in the minimum wage to £7.20 a hour but studies have shown it wouldn’t make up for the loss of tax credits.