SCOTLAND’S largest taxi firm has threatened legal action against the council and Glasgow’s health board over a rank outside the new hospital.

Stephen Flynn, vice chairman of Glasgow Taxi Ltd, believes planning conditions attached to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital have been breached.

Plans state that “a suitably sized taxi rank” should be provided outside the entrance to the £842million hospital.

The health board say a rank has been provided and that black cabs are entitled to sit outside the entrance and pick up passengers.

However, Mr Flynn claims that hackney drivers are being moved on by hospital officials and that private hire drivers are given preferential treatment.

The health board has a contract with Network Private Hire.

Mr Flynn believes he has grounds for a judicial review over an alleged breach in planning laws.

In a letter to NHSGGC he said: “Unfortunately it has become apparent that despite the tens of millions of pounds invested in it, the new Glasgow super hospital has completely abandoned supporting the licensed taxi trade to help provide this service to its patients, their families and staff.

“There is at present no licensed taxi rank space at all within the hospital grounds; indeed the only area available for use is provided for private hire vehicles yet signed and painted “taxi”.

“This is misleading the public, failing to provide the real service needed – especially for those vulnerable, disabled, ill, elderly or recovering from operations.

“In fact, it simply promotes illegal pick-ups by private vehicles and drivers.

“We are not looking for a competitive advantage, merely a level playing field and a fair deal."

Mr Flynn has written to every Glasgow councillor and MSP to voice his concern and in a bid to resolve the issue.

He added: “If it is not resolved, will have no option but to instruct our lawyers with the backing of the Scottish Taxi Federation.”

A statement from the health board said: “A taxi pick up and drop off point in Arrivals Square is available for all taxi firms to use.”

Meanwhile a city council spokesman said: “There was a planning condition for a pick-up and drop-off area for taxis at the new hospital, and this obligation has been met. The pick-up and drop-off area can be used by all taxis, whether that is black cabs or private hire cars. The council has not received any application for a licensed taxi stance at the Southern General for the sole use of black cabs.”