VISITORS to a new woodland park should keep their eyes peeled for a couple of special deer.

The mother and her fawn are sculptures created by Rob Mullholland, artist in residence at Cuningar Loop, with the help of local volunteers.

They were created over two months from rusted steel and recycled mirrors and have found a home hidden between the trees at the bouldering park.

Robert Kennedy, 29 and Stephen Milligan, 24, both from Dalmarnock worked with Rob in his workshop to create the deer sculptures.

Joneen Clarke, project manager at Cuningar Loop, said: “Members of the local community have helped to create this wonderful sculpture which perfectly captures the wildlife that inhabits Cuningar Loop.

“The park is looking fantastic and we can’t wait to share it with local people and visitors. We hope they stumble across the deer sculptures and appreciate the work of the local community who have created a lasting legacy.”

Mr Mulholland said the sculpture project was aimed at engaging with the local community.

He added: "I have worked closely with the volunteers to transfer my skills and under supervision they have learnt to weld and polish and cut metal materials.

“The inspiration behind the deer sculpture is to capture the urban and nature aspect of Cuningar Loop. We have attached mirrors to the antlers, giving a modern twist to a wild animal in its natural habitat.

“Creating a sculpture is all about the team effort, an artist can’t do it alone and with the deer sculpture the local community have helped me create this beautiful sculpture that is going to be in their park, Cuningar Loop.”

The artist has received funding from Forest Enterprise Scotland which has commissioned a 5.5 metre high spherical installation which will stand at the entrance of the park.

Cuningar Loop, which is opposite the Athletes' Village is due to open Spring next year and is expected to attract over 100,000 visitors by 2021.

Image 1: Deer sculpture created by local community

Image 2: Artists with their creation - L - R: Robert Kennedy, 29, Dalmarnock, Artist in residence, Rob Mulholland, Stephen Millgian, 24, Rutherglen

Image 3: L-R: Stephen Milligan, 24, artist in residence, Rob Mulholland and Joneen Clare, Cuningar Loop Project Manager

Image 4: The installation begins