SENIOR police will submit a formal report into a city music event which descended into booze-fuelled violence and disorder.

Today a former top cop urged council bosses to carefully consider its contents before giving the go-ahead for next year’s Summer Sessions.

Scottish Labour justice spokesman Graeme Pearson said there was “a question mark over the future of event,” after 38 arrests were made at Bellahouston Park during the two-day pop festival.

In yesterday’s Evening Times, we told how some angry residents have called for a ban on the controversial music event.

Mr Pearson – former Deputy Cheif Constable of Strathclyde – urged council officials to consider the police report of the event carefully.

He told the Evening Times: “I would hope the council will take full account of the police report when deciding on the future of the event.”

A police source confirmed a “debrief report” – containing recommendations for future events at the South Side park – would be compiled.

Police arrested 38 people – including 10 for violent offences – at Bellahouston Park, in Glasgow, at the weekend.

At one point, Ellie Goulding was forced to plead with music fans after scuffles broke out during her appearance.

Footage posted online footage appears to show women brawling during her performance.

A woman is seen lying on the ground as she is hit and kicked by several others in one clip.

Goulding is heard telling the crowd: “No fighting. Come on. Peace. No fighting. There’s no need for it.”

A Glasgow City Council spokes- woman said: “Event organisers work in partnership with the council and the police to engage very early on with residents to discuss the planning and delivery of the event.

“As in previous years, the council held community engagement meetings and had extensive consultations with residents to allow their input to the planning stages. This gave us the opportunity to address their concerns and identify any issues early on.

“The Summer Session events attract thousands of people from Glasgow and beyond, and Bellahouston Park is one of only two parks in the city that is big enough to accommodate an event of this scale.

“We expect everyone to behave in a socially responsible manner and it is disappointing that a number of people chose not to.

“Many of the residents and resident representatives, including the community councils, contribute to this event in a positive way. We will be holding a debrief event to gain further feedback.”

A spokeswoman for organisers DF Concerts said: “It is highly surprising that someone with no involvement and limited knowledge of Glasgow Summer Sessions seems to think he is in the position to comment on the event’s future.

“These comments are at odds with Police Scotland and Glasgow City Council’s latest statements – both of whom actually work on the event and are part of the multi agency group.

“We look forward to bringing the next stellar line up of international stars to Glasgow and bringing audiences from far and wide into the city boosting the economy and Glasgow’s cultural landscape at same time”.

Families living near the park said drunken music fans stumbled through their gardens. Thousands of revellers descended on the South Side of Glasgow for the open-air gigs.

More than 35 were arrested for a range of offences at the Paolo Nutini gig on Saturday and the Calvin Harris concert the following night.

Around 70 fixed penalty notices were also handed out to drunken louts.

One resident said festivals shouldn’t be allowed to go ahead in a residential area.

She said: “I witnessed people drinking and urinating in the street without any police intervention.

“I have seen similar behaviour at Rangers’ football matches and there is a zero tolerance approach. So why is this not the same at the Summer Sessions?

“Fifty-thousand Rangers fans are also able to clear the area without any need for road closures, rudeness and hassle.

Some also complained of yobs using their gardens as toilets.

Last year, 30 people were arrested during David Guetta’s DJ set in Bellahouston Park and 13 music fans were nabbed at during the Killers’ gig.