THOUSANDS of people have taken part in a survey about city libraries.

Glasgow Life wants to ensure the service meets the needs of users for years to come.

Both library members and non-members were asked their views and more than 3000 people responded.

Their comments will help form a vision for the library which will include Glasgow Life's five year commitment to the service.

Chairman Archie Graham said: "Creating a welcoming, engaging hub at the heart of the community is paramount to our commitment to local residents.

"The library should be every resident's port of call, providing a one-stop shop for key social, education and economic needs,

"That is why the most important people who took part in this process were the people of Glasgow. Only they can tell us what they want from the library service.

The Vision board, chaired by former BBC Scotland controller John McCormick, conducted interviews with residents from every constituency in Glasgow in the largest public consultation on library services in Scotland.

He said: "The Vision for Glasgow libraries is an action plan created by and for the people of Glasgow.

"This comprehensive investigation into the public library opening environment has shown Glaswegians rightly expect high quality, personally tailored services from the city's libraries and we want to see the city serving its citizens through the libraries for years to come.

"With over 3000 people contributing to the plans for the future of our libraries, we are confident Glasgow will continue to offer the service residents need and that Glaswegians of all ages will continue to love their libraries for years to come."

Glasgow Life operates 32 community libraries, 30 school libraries and the Mitchell Library which is one of the largest public libraries in Europe.