The SNP has accused the Government and Labour of "disrespecting" Scots by not including any of their MPs on a parliamentary body examining human rights.

Four Tories and two Labour MPs, including former deputy leader Harriet Harman, have been put forward to represent the Commons on the Human Rights (Joint Committee).

They will consider human rights in the UK along with six peers, with the Government arguing an SNP MP would only be invited on to the body if there were seven MPs needed.

The rules have prompted a furious response from the SNP, which became the third largest party in the Commons after securing 56 seats at May's general election.

SNP MP Joanna Cherry (Edinburgh South West) said: "How can this be right? It's not just an issue of disrespecting the SNP as the third party in the House, it's an issue of disrespect to the Scottish electorate.

"And I see Labour shaking their heads and saying they're not going to support us on this.

"I'd just say to them, don't forget the consequences of your previous disrespect to the Scottish electorate - you heard them loud and clear on May 7."

Earlier, Pete Wishart, the SNP's Commons leader, questioned why the committee has the same number of peers and MPs.

He told the Commons: "I am little bit perplexed why the unelected House down the road seems to be able to have parity with elected members in this House."

Mr Wishart added it was the first time the third largest party in the Commons would not be included, noting the Liberal Democrats held two seats in the previous parliament.

Deputy Commons Leader Therese Coffey countered by reminding Mr Wishart the Lib Dems were part of the coalition while the Democratic Unionist Party were the second largest opposition party and had no seats on the committee.

The SNP would be eligible for a seat if there were seven members from the Commons, MPs heard - prompting Mr Wishart to suggest a rule change is needed.

Conservative Sir Edward Leigh (Gainsborough) said he would take the issue to the Procedure Committee, of which he is a member, and ask that they compile a report.

He noted he would suggest the SNP should be part of the committee.

A deferred vote will take place on the committee's membership next Wednesday.