Glasgow-based homelessness charity Positive Action in Housing has used its 20th annual conference to highlight the plight of refugees.

Director Robina Qureshi slammed European leaders, claiming that they had “failed” migrants.

Ms Qureshi urged governments to send aid to Greek island Lesvos where many refugees are landing.

She said: “Positive Action in Housing is using its 20th year to highlight the failure of the UK government and EU leaders - who are so out of touch with the changing public mood towards refugees across Europe - to aid the humanitarian crisis at Lesvos by helping, by providing warming tents, providing buses and opening a local camp to help thousands of refugees pouring into the beach outside his home.”

One of the keynote speakers at the conference held yesterday in The Lighthouse was Englishman Eric Kempson who, along with his family, has been assisting refugees in Lesvos since February.

Ms Qureshi described Mr Kempson as the “Oskar Schindler of our time”. Schindler is credited with saving the lives of 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust.

Ms Qureshi said: “Today we are highlighting how it is the ordinary people who are coming forward to resolve this humanitarian crisis, not governments or aid agencies.

“And that is wrong and we want these aid agencies to tell us where are the warming tents on the beaches, where are the medics, why is the camp closed when we need it opened?”

In a speech, Mr Kempson also urged governments and aid agencies to do more but distanced himself from Ms Qureshi’s comments comparing him to Oskar Schindler.

He said: “There is no comparison. I’m just a human being. So was he but he was risking his life every day.”

Ms Qureshi added: “The purpose of Mr Kempson’s visit is to raise awareness, funds and recruit volunteer medics to aid the refugee crisis at Lesvos and Positive Action in Housing has agreed to raise money and recruit volunteers.

“Positive Action in Housing is playing its part and has so far raised £11,000 of a £50,000 target which is to be spent in Lesvos for refugees in need. The charity is absorbing all the costs of running this appeal in order that 100% of these funds reach those in greatest need.

“We have also recruited 53 civilian volunteer first aiders – experienced doctors and nurses and medics who will travel to Greece from all over the world right now and through to March 2016.

“Meanwhile, our leaders who sit on their hands are letting refugees drown in the same way that Jewish refugees were gassed to death during World War 2.”

Meanwhile, the third meeting of the Scottish Government’s refugee taskforce will be held this morning.

Minister for Europe Humza Yousaf will lead the gathering of stakeholders, which begins at 10am.

The taskforce was set up to coordinate Scotland’s response to the crisis in southern Europe.

Speaking after the second meeting, Mr Yousaf said: “Scotland is firm in its commitment to helping the most vulnerable people in crisis and to accepting our fair share of whatever number of refugees the UK takes.

“We have been overwhelmed with practical offers of support from ordinary people across Scotland – all wanting to help alleviate the suffering of the vulnerable people caught up in this humanitarian emergency.

“Scotland's response has been amazing so far. There are people from all walks of life in different parts of Scotland wanting to do what they can to help. There are many groups and organisations already taking practical steps and we really welcome this enthusiasm and energy.

“The work of the taskforce is well underway, and we will make sure that Scotland is ready to give the very best of Scottish welcomes to the refugees who are fleeing their homes and seeking protection, safety and security.”