A HISTORIC tenement-side advertising hoarding in Glasgow could be preserved under new plans.

The three billboards on the Paisley Road West building, in Cardonald, are thought to date back to the 1950s.

Storm-force winds blew of the boards covering them revealing the original adverts below.

These include billboards for Coca Cola with the no-longer used slogan "thirst knows no season" and another for a beer, the name of which has been worn away, with the slogan "just what I want".

There is also an old-style News of the World advert at the top.

Councillor Alistair Watson said he wants to preserve the hoarding as part of the history of the area.

Mr Watson said: "I have looked into this and believe that the adverts are from around the 1950s, definitely pre 1960s.

"We keen to see this preserved in some way for the local community.

"Glasgow City Council has been looking at possible ways to do this and think it could perhaps be protected or enhanced as part of a mural in collaboration with an artist."

Mr Watson added: "This is certainly unique and something that I feel needs to be protected."

The councillor said council officials have contacted Historic Scotland who say they may be able to help with the project although no decision on this has been taken.

Since becoming exposed, the advert has sparked the interest of local people and business who have also shown support for plans to protect it.

The Evening Times reported recently that plans have been hatched to turn a section of Paisley Road West in Cardonald into a Business Improvement District.

Traders would vote on the plans which could see investment in the area including revamped pavements providing outdoor cafe space and upgraded shop fronts.

It is hoped that the historic adverts could become a feature in the revamp.

Mr Watson added: "We said before that this area has a lot more to give in terms of reaching it's full potential.

"I would like to see the advertising hoarding preserved alongside the wider plans to revamp the area."

A meeting with local traders and council officials is being planned for early next year in a bid to drive forward the Business Improvement District plans.

A spokesman for Historic Scotland said: "