SCOTS wannabes arrived at the SECC in their hundreds to audition for one of the UK's biggest talent show.

Despite heavy rain, hundreds packed the hall as they waited for their opportunity to wow the judging panel.

Darren Williamson, 16, and Lewis Chalmers, 19, from Edinburgh, prepared their dance act, Mix It Up.

"We are a street dance performer duo", said Darren.

Lewis added: "We mix up our performance by adding in comedy, crowd participation and much more."

Dance teacher Lewis had originally planned a solo act, before roping in his best friend.

He said: "Three weeks ago we got together and have been practicing five or six hours a day since, in between studying mechanics and teaching respectively.

"It's time for the talent in Scotland to be seen."

Despite torrential rain, several hundred people were not put off by the torrential rain.

With an acoustic guitar in hand, Glaswegian Daniel Hardie, 20, was ready and waiting.

He said: "I'm going to be singing my own acoustic rendition of 'What Do You Mean?' by Justin Bieber.

"I normally sing my own stuff as much as possible but I really enjoyed singing this song.

"I've been singing since I was 11, and Ed Sheeran is a big inspiration to me.

"He's at the top of the music industry, but isn't big-headed.

"I put 24 hours a day into this. It's my life, so hopefully I impress them."

And not all the acts on the stage called Scotland home.

Edinburgh-based students Kaya Juiowska, 22, from Poland and Tom Wohlfahit from Germany were determined to show what they could do on the dance floor.

Tom said: "We have a very nice harmony together as a duo. There are these amazing connections between us when we dance."

Looking sharp in a black suit, Billy Reid, 35, felt his magic act was enough to dazzle his way to glory, but had an interesting trick up his sleeve in case things went awry.

He said: "Believe it or not, there's a magician called Billy Reid from Ayrshire, so if I get through today, I'm the one from Glasgow. If not, I'll be him."

With card tricks and coin magic his specialities, Bill y has spent 25 years honing his skill.

He added: "I saw how well Jamie [Raven] did last year, and I think magic has taken its place as a visual art, where it belongs."

With the first round of UK-wide auditions almost at an end, those successful go on to face the judging panel of Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon in the 10th year of the show.