A Glasgow Labour councillor has come out in support of Scottish independence, putting him at odds with his party’s pro-union position.

Russell Robertson, who campaigned against separation in the run up to last year’s referendum, revealed his U-turn in an impassioned Facebook post.

It is understood the councillor for East Centre has also privately discussed following his former Labour colleague Stephen Dornan into the SNP.

We revealed last year that Councillor Dornan – who also campaigned against Scottish independence - had applied to join the SNP.

He was later welcomed into the party by leader of the group Susan Aitken, but SNP sources suggested today that Robertson’s passage may not be so smooth if he was to make an approach.

Writing on Facebook, Councillor Robertson said: “I am fed up to the teeth with London lording over me – the Tories stink, the House of Lords stinks, the establishment stinks, the anti JC (Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party leader) agenda stinks, the blood lusting to bomb Syria stinks, the rule Britannia mentality stinks.

“We are a nation and must govern ourselves – warts n all.”

Mr Robertson goes on to suggest that Scottish Labour can only survive by fighting for socialist principles “in an independent Scotland democracy”.

He added: “The current landlord arrangements by a contemptible, detached, and outdated Westminster has to go.”

One source in the Glasgow Labour group suggested council leader Frank McAveety is “not happy” about Councillor Robertson’s stance but admitted that at least four other Labour councillors voted for independence last year.

An SNP source welcomed Councillor Robertson’s public pronouncement and revealed that the party is already aware of the Labour politician’s change of heart.

“There have been some polite conversations but never a formal or informal request to join or even real conversations about it,” said the source, who asked not to be named.

“If he did apply we would want to check it's not just an attempt to keep his seat. In fairness to Russell I doubt it would be. He is seen as a nice guy.”

The source also confirmed that there are other pro-independence Labour councillors in Glasgow.

“We believe at least two others from 2012 intake hold similar views and are Frank McAveety supporters,” added the SNP source.

“We wouldn't push for them to switch but respect them being in another group and holding similar views.”

A spokesman for Scottish Labour insisted party leader Kezia Dugdale is relaxed about elected members indicating support for independence and said Councillor Robertson would not face any sanctions.

“Kezia has previously said that people who support independence should feel that they can have a home in the Labour Party,” said the spokesman.

“Rather than rerun the arguments of the past we need to look to building a fairer Scotland, like cutting the gap between the richest and the rest in our classrooms.”

Councillor Robertson did not respond to a request for comment.