SCOTLAND'S tallest residential high-rises have been brought down in Glasgow, marking a first in UK demolition history.

The Whitevale and Bluevale flats in the Gallowgate were almost completely demolished by specialist staff using a new top-down method.

Known locally as the Gallowgate Twins, the 31-storey blocks stood about 85 metres tall and were built in 1969.

Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) used technology only previously tried in France to carry out the demolition, constructing a platform on top of each building.

Staff were able to remove walls and floors piece by piece, working their way down the buildings gradually to reduce the levels of dust, noise and vibration.

Four storeys from each building are still be demolished using traditional machinery, and will be worked on in early 2016.

GHA worked with demolition firm SafeDem, Italian company Despe and C&D Consultancy, and won a collaboration gong at the World Demolition Awards for their efforts.

GHA chairman Gordon Sloan said: “We’re delighted to be pioneers for the demolition industry in the UK.

"The deconstruction was safe, quick and clean [and] also minimised any disruption to the community.”

Former resident Marion Copeland, who lived in the Bluevale block for more than 40 years, has now moved to a new home opposite the high-rises.

The 69-year-old said: "From the 11th floor of the block I could see my new home being built.

"A couple of years later and I’ve had a great view of my old flat being demolished.

"I loved living in the flats.

"It was a great time in my life.

"But now I have my own front and back door and I love the freedom it brings.

"It’s been really good watching my old home coming down.

"It’s been very quick and quiet."

Safedem Managing Director William Sinclair said: “We carefully assess every project before developing the safest and most appropriate method of demolition.

"The ‘TopDownWay’ is an innovative system designed for the deconstruction of high-rise structures in close proximity to nearby properties.

"This really has been a huge team effort to bring this new and exciting system to the UK and to the Gallowgate.

"We are delighted the exceptional teamwork on this project has resulted in winning the Collaboration Award."