GLASGOW has shed its tag of the most violent city in Britain according to a new report.

Ten years ago crime levels for serious violence in Glasgow were by far the highest in Scotland and higher than Manchester Liverpool and Newcastle.

Now with a reduction of more than 50% crime levels per head of population the city is lower than the big northern English cities and has seen a faster reduction than anywhere in Scotland.

A report from Community Safety Glasgow to Glasgow City Council this week shows in 2001/05 Glasgow recorded 80 violent crimes per 10,000 of the population. It dwarfed other Scottish cities With Edinburgh the next highest at 37 per 10,000 people.

It was also above Liverpool the highest in England, outside London. Which has 73 per 10,000 and Manchester at 53 per 10,000.

Now ten years on Glasgow has fallen to 30 per 10,000while Liverpool has a smaller drop to 47 and Manchester increased to 67 overtaking its north west neighbour.

Edinburgh only witnessed a small decrease to 3o putting it level with Glasgow

Phil Walker, managing director, community Safety Glasgow: “When comparing Glasgow to other cities in the UK, it is clear that Glasgow is experiencing reductions in key crime types at a faster rate.

“No longer is Glasgow identified as one of the most violent cities in Europe.

“In fact crime levels are now lower than comparable English cities and quickly catching up to similar levels experienced in

Edinburgh and Dundee.”

The report also shows that fear of crime has also dropped significantly over the last ten years, with efforts in communities engaging with young people and those at risk of offending understood to have contributed to a fall.

Mr Walker added: “Many communities that were previously blighted by gang violence, signal crime and high volumes of offending have been transformed into areas where residents no longer fear to walk to the local shops or travel through particular communities.

“This was most evident in a recent consultation survey where 60% of respondents felt that agencies were working effectively to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour.”

In the city centre violent offences have fallen by 40% over the period 2004/05 to 2014/15.

Robberies are down 330 to 45, attempted murder from 23 to 0 and serious assault from 306 to 113.

The report does not include sex crimes, which police statistics show have seen an increase in the city and across Scotland with a rise of 46% in the last ten years.

Violent crime comparison 2004/05 to 2014/15 per 10,000 population

City 04/05 14/15

Glasgow 80 30

Liverpool 73 47

Manchester 53 67

Newcastle 37 31

Edinburgh 33 30

Aberdeen 27 14

Dundee 36 12

Glasgow city centre violent offences comparison

Crime 04/05 14/15 %change

Assault intent to rob 62 14 -77

Robbery 330 45 -86

Murder 2 0 -100

Attempt murder 23 0 -100

Serious assault 306 113 -63

Common assault 2156 1731 -40