SCOTLAND'S first independent safe deposit box service has opened in Glasgow - with owners saying a Hatton Gardens-style heist would be impossible.

Opened with a £1 million investment, Glasgow Vaults has been introduced in response to the major banks withdrawing the service to safeguards people’s valuable possessions.

The venture, run by David Walsh and Seamus Fahy, features state-of-the-art surveillance technology, including seismic shock sensors, to keep valuables safe.

Monitored 24/7, the vault is also protected by biometric identification technology.

He said: “We launched in Dublin three years ago, very much in response to demand from people who had either lost confidence in the banking system or were looking to keep possessions safe amidst rising crime figures.

“The business has delivered consistent growth and we have been exploring opportunities to grow our footprint across other UK regions.

“After considerable due diligence we identified Scotland as a key growth region, mainly due to the fact that the banks no longer offer the service and there are no other providers in the market place.

“We have already witnessed a strong demand for our service with homeowners and the business community, and our client footprint stretches as far as Aberdeen, where oil and gas workers are keen to keep their valuables safe when working offshore.”

Seamus says the service is popular with homeowners who fear being burgled.

And it is used by cash businesses like bars, restaurants and convenience stores that aren’t able to bank their takings over the weekend.

Typical items stored in a safe deposit box include cash, jewellery, family heirlooms, gold bullion, Title Deeds for a property, memory devices, watch collections and passports.

Glasgow Vaults has in the region of 10,000 boxes, which come in ten different sizes and start from £150 a year.

Client have unlimited access seven days per week and there is no need to make an appointment before visiting the vaults.

Employing five staff, the business is expected to increase its staff numbers in Glasgow to 15 by the middle of 2017.

Seamus added: “While crime overall is falling, figures show that housebreakings remain high and thieves are certainly becoming more and more sophisticated in their efforts to target properties – making it vital for individuals and business owners to safeguard their valuables and money.

“Complete peace of mind can only be given through the use of a safe deposit box, which is why an increasing number of people across Scotland are turning to us to provide a convenient and affordable way to protect valuable possessions.

“We have built in capacity to meet this increasing demand and will grow our staff numbers to ensure we provide a comprehensive and personal service to our customers.”

The vault was designed in partnership with security consultants working on behalf of insurer Lloyd’s of London.

Hatton Garden, in Camden, is famous for being London's jewellery quarter and centre of the UK diamond trade.

In April 2015, an underground safe deposit facility was burgled with up to £200million stolen.