A LABOUR MSP who called out “liar” at Nicola Sturgeon in the Scottish Parliament has withdrawn his remark.

During First Minister’s Questions a member from the Labour benches called out “liar” when Ms Sturgeon was answering a question from Labour leader Kezia Dugdale on education cuts.

The Presiding Officer launched a hunt for the offending MSP and like a school teacher scolding the class she asked for them to own up but was met with stony silence.

It was later revealed to be Lothians MSP, Neil Findlay.

The shout was met with protests from the SNP benches and shouts of “withdraw” from several members.

Presiding Officer, Tricia Marwick, halted the session and gave the then unidentified MSP the opportunity to own up and then withdraw the remark.

She warned MSPs the word is un-parliamentary and she would be investigating.

She said: “I will review the official report. If the member who said it would like to admit and withdraw the remark it would be helpful.”

The official report, once published, identified Neil Findlay as the culprit.

In response to a question from the Labour leader, Ms Sturgeon had said: “Let us turn to Labour’s policy of raising the basic rate of income tax for every worker in our country earning £11,000 and above.”

The records then shows the Labour MSP as interrupting with “liar” and other members, from the SNP benches, calling “withdraw”.

Mr Findlay has since withdrawn the remark, saying instead that the SNP leader is "dishonest".

He said: "Today at First Minister's Questions I made a comment I now understand to be unparliamentary. If that is the case I withdraw the comment attributed to me.

"However, at the same question time session, the First Minister described Labour's support for a modest tax increase on those earning over £20,000 to end the Government's austerity as 'dishonest ' and went on to accuse Labour of 'perpetrating a con trick'.

"I therefore withdraw the term attributed to me which the Parliament finds unparliamentary. I would instead substitute it with the term used by the First Minister."

Holyrood Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick said she would consider the matter further.

She told Mr Findlay: "You have been a member of this Parliament for almost five years. You know that the word liar - the word that you used at First Minister's Questions and was recorded by the independent official report - is unparliamentary.

"I note what you have said and I will consider the matter further."