A GLASGOW furniture firm has created bullet-proof sofas designed to protect the rich and famous from armed attacks.

Osdin, based in Shawlands, has devised pioneering made-to-measure furnishings said to be impervious to the world's most feared firearm, the AK-47.

The firm supplies top hotels across the UK and Europe as well as "high net worth" individuals with custom made furniture.

But the firm believes there is an increasing market for sofas, armchairs and suites offering armoured protection amid a "global increase in firearms attacks".

The company has announced a range of products which owners could dive behind and be shielded from weapons ranging from handguns to small missiles.

Prices start from £500 for a basic chair to £10,000 for a full suite offering the highest protection.

Launched under a new brand Osdin Shield, the products are claimed to use a unique barrier technology combined with Scottish craftsmanship that meet internationally recognised ballistic standards.

Company founder Darren Osdin said: “We developed Osdin Shield furniture to save lives.

"Unfortunately unexpected gun attacks are becoming more and more frequent all over the world and often it is the innocent who suffer.

"We designed it with the natural human reaction to unexpected gunfire in mind: to duck and hide behind a barrier.”

The firm is targeting an international customer base ranging from private individuals who consider themselves at risk of targeted attacks, through to those responsible for public safety in spaces such as museums, embassies and hotel lobbies.

Once designed and manufactured the furniture can be upholstered in a range of fabrics.

Mr Osdin said the primary markets being targeted were government building, public spaces, luxury hotels and private homes with America, Asia and Europe as primary consumers, although he said there were a surprisingly large number of potential UK consumers.

Mr Osdin said: "Its impossible to protect against every scenario but if we can save people from unexpected gun attack then I believe we have succeeded."