Every year on March 8, one thing can be relied upon apart from a celebration of women’s achievements – a handful of outraged men.

International Women’s Day, the one set day in the calendar year for recognising women’s contributions to the whole of human history, is annually questioned by disgruntled Twitter users who cry: “Why isn’t there an International Men’s Day?”

Well, there actually is an International Men’s Day, and on March 8 comedian Richard Herring uses the opportunity to undermine hundreds of irrationally furious tweets.

In fact, he spends the day doing little else.

Richard Herring's Twitter page(@Herring1967/Twitter)


Explaining his reasons for the Twitter campaign in a Guardian piece last year, the comic, best known for fronting the successful Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, said: “I love the fact that the kind of cheese-helmets who feel the need to question the concept of International Women’s Day don’t even know there is already a day for men (an official one, rather than the regular days where they get more pay and power and privilege).

“I love it when people try to manufacture an injustice out of a position of clear superiority.”

It might just be the most eloquent justification for trolling we have ever read.

Maybe these people just need to use more up-to-date technology?

There’s every reason to believe this might become a family tradition, too.

Although it’s unclear how thrilled his daughter is about it.

Herring, who was once part of a double act with Stewart Lee, also took exception to someone who consulted a hoax account of his former comedy partner about the day.

He’s not bitter, though.

Long may this tradition continue, Mr Herring.