A petition has been launched by LGBT Unity Centre Glasgow to prevent the removal of Beverley Vaanda Kandjiii and her 14-year-old son from the UK. 

Beverley, originally from Namibia and lives in the Bridgeton area, was reportedly removed from her home in a dawn raid by immigration officials. 

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A spokesman from LGBT unity said Beverley came to the UK in 2013 from Namibia and claimed asylum on the same day as arriving.

He added: "Beverley and her son fled Namibia due to the verbal and physical abuse suffered due to her sexuality.

"Beverley had previously experienced forced marriage and had to live in secrecy, later being abused by her community with no protection from the Namibian state. Beverley and her son are in immediate danger of violence on account of her sexuality if forcibly removed to Namibia."

He said she was a valued member of LGBT Unity and had been at a community event at the Kinning Park complex at the weekend.

Beverley is reportedly due to be deported on the same day as NUS Scotland’s Asylum and Refugee Officer, Lord Elias Mensah Apetsi.

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The petition, which currently has over 1,500 signatures, was launched by the LGBT Unity Centre on Wednesday and is addressed to Theresa May, Alison Thewliss and the Home Office.

The petition says "We're all concerned for their wellbeing and safety if they're removed to Namibia, and want them to remain with us in Glasgow, as she is a valuable member of the LGBT Unity group and our community in Glasgow.

"We want them to be released immediately from Cedars and to be returned to their home in Glasgow where they belong.

"Beverley and her son have done nothing but contribute positively to the Glasgow community, make friends and build deep roots here. Their home is here, their friends are here and their life is here!"