RUTH Davidson launched the Tory manifesto with an immediate admission of defeat.

The Scottish Conservative leader declared the SNP are going to win the election and Nicola Sturgeon will be First Minister.

So, the Scottish Tory leader said instead, she is applying for a different job, that of opposition leader.

Her manifesto, instead of setting out what the Conservatives would do in Government, sets out what she will do in opposition.

Introducing the plan in Glasgow today Ms Davidson said it was not a normal manifesto because it was not a normal election.

Before a vote has been cast and with three weeks to go until polling day, she said: “It is clear the SNP are on course to win the Scottish election.”

She added: “Instead I’m applying for another job, the vacancy for a strong opposition.”

The Tory “Programme for Opposition" includes a ten point plan on measures including independence, tax, health, education, housing and jobs.

Ms Davidson focussed on no voters and wants people who have never voted Tory to back her to overtake Labour at Holyrood.

She said: “Too often over recent years our case for the Union has been picking at the flaws of independence, of dissecting numbers rubbishing projections or disputing proposals.”

She added: “If we are to counter the SNP’s mis-information this must change.

"The case for independence is dead. The case for the Union must now be made.”

Her ten point plan includes protecting NHS spending and increasing mental health spending, no higher taxes in Scotland than in the rest of the UK, supporting vocational education, reversing the Named Persons Act.

She said the SNP have been “ lazy” and “arrogant” in government, which led to bad laws citing the Named Persons Act, Offensive Behaviour at Football and changing the law on corroboration.

Ms Davidson said Labour had had its chance over the last nine years in opposition but failed to challenge the SNP.

She said: "I think people in Scotland have a sense of fair play. So I say the Labour Party has had nine years six leaders and no success in holding the SNP to account. It’s time for someone else to have ago.”