A SCOTTISH baby has become an internet sensation for her fashionista ways – and she hasn't even turned one.

For Little Mya Byrne has acquired over 120,000 followers on the social media website Instagram since she was born last May.

The cute tot has even won the approval of reality TV stars Khloe Kardashian and Lauren Goodger of The Only Way is Essex fame for her style and poses – and her popularity just keeps growing.

Proud mum Amy McIndewar, from Balloch, began posting images of her daughter on Instagram in different outfits when she was first born.

The 20-year-old explained her daughter quickly amassed 50,000 followers by Christmas – and she has since doubled that in just a couple of months.

With shoots featuring themed outfits to everyday casual wear, Mya’s poses and signature headband style has melted hearts across the internet.

Amy said: “I am very proud of her. I love seeing all the comments about her on Instagram.

Glasgow Times:

“She’s fashionable but she is still a baby.

“I think she looks cute and it is not too much.

“I have had a few negative comments from people saying I am sexualising her but I disagree.

“With one negative comment comes hundreds of positives.

“Some people just don’t get what I am doing.”

Amy, who is also mum to Leo (4), explained that she will take pictures depending on Mya’s mood.

She said: “It’s not something you do everyday, it’s only going to be when she is alright doing it.”

She describes the tot as down-to-earth and calm – and she thinks this is the reason why her photos turn out so well.

She joked, “Loads of people ask me how I get her to stay so still, it’s just Mya’s personality.”

The family, including Mya’s dad Aidan, have been inundated with big brands and smaller firms wanting the tot to model clothes since they became an Instagram hit.

Amy said: “I started buying wee bits here and there. Now companies and people from all over the world send me items to showcase.”

The tot’s trademark, however, seems to be her hair which attracts quite a lot of comments.

“People ask if it is real,” said Amy.

She added: “She was born with jet black hair then it started to go blonder at three to six months.

“Myself and my sisters all had masses of hair at that age.”

Amy hopes to continue showcasing Mya’s style on Instagram, and insists she will only stop if her daughter no longer wants to do it.

She said: “I don’t see us stopping doing the photos unless Mya tells me different.”

You can follow Mya on Instagram via @mylittlemya_x