FRACKING could be “decisive” on Thursday when people cast their vote according to a Green MP.

Caroline Lucas the only Green MP has been north of the border helping with the Scottish Greens Holyrood campaign.

She said the Greens consistent opposition to fracking could be instrumental in the party winning support.

Ms Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion, criticised the SNP moratorium policy as mealy-mouthed and less clear than the Greens outright opposition.

She said: "I think fracking could well be a decisive issue for many people when they come to cast their vote, and when they look at it they will see the Greens have been opposed to fracking from the beginning.

"We haven't got just a slightly mealy-mouthed moratorium, we haven't got people who have just come to a ban late in the day.

"Right from the start, the Greens have been saying that we need to leave around 80% of fossil fuels in the ground to have any chance of avoiding the worst of climate change."

She said the moratorium was irresponsible and less clear than the Greens policy.

Ms Lucas added: “A moratorium pre-supposes that there is more evidence we are searching for to find out whether fracking is dangerous, our position is it is absolutely clear that to be going after yet more fossil fuel reserves at this time is just deeply irresponsible."

She said a Green vote was a vote to outlaw fracking.

She added: "People have got the option now to elect politicians to make sure fracking doesn't happen in Scotland."