MORE than 100 city centre properties were left without power after an electricity cable malfunctioned metres under ground. 

Startled commuters reported hearing two loud bangs and seeing smoke rising up from a drain close to the Apple shop on Buchanan Street around 8am today. 

Firefighters were called to the scene and sealed off the area round 9am but left shortly afterwards, handing over responsibility to Scottish Power staff. 

They discovered a fault with an electricity cable around three feet below ground level, which caused a power cut to 115 properties in the area - almost every shop and office on Buchanan Street. 

Subway commuters also aced delays as the outage affected services from 8am today.

Subway staff tweeted the problem was affecting signalling, and apologised to passengers.  

Eyewitnesses reported seeing smoke coming out of a drain on the street.

One eyewitness said: "We heard a loud bang and saw white powder coming out of the stank.

"We called 999 straight away. When the firefighters arrived, they cordoned off the area.

"There was another explosion and a flame burst out the stank."

Workers said that 'explosions' shook their offices.

It is understood there are four or five electricitysubstations in the area, and many businesses have experienced electricty cuts including the Herald and Times offices. 

The Scottish fire and rescue service have now left after sending four fire engines and crews to the scene.

A Scottish Power spokesman said: "We apologise for the inconvenience.

"There was a technical fault with a cable, and we will now work to replace it. 

"115 properties were affected but they were all back on by 9.25am."

The spokesman said there was "no evidence" of any explosion, and passersby may have heard a muffled bang due to the fault being so close to a drain. 

He also added there was no evidence of any damage occuring to the pavement nearby.