DOZENS of brides and grooms have been left in the lurch after an event planning firm mysteriously close overnight.

Couples claim Happy Talk Events on Howard Street has let them down after disappearing without fulfilling orders.

The firm, run by Michelle and Alastair McMorris, had been serving customers in Glasgow for more than 20 years and its apparent closure has stunned couples.

The city centre firm has cancelled its Facebook page and website, sending brides and grooms into a panic.

Emma Wilson, 23, had just four days before her wedding on Saturday when she discovered the news.

The sales assistant from Ayr and fiancee Grant had paid more than £1000 for the firm to kit out their venue with everything they needed to amke their day extra special.

Emma said: "I'm just so angry that they could get away with this, take everyone's money and run.

"We went in to pay our final balance a few weeks ago and everything was fine, we had absolutely no idea.

"The last thing we expected to be doing four days before our wedding was trying to plan table covers and centre pieces. We had everything picked so we've had to change it all."

Some desperate couples even visited the business owners' home but said neighbours told them they had moved away.

Jessica McGurk, 23, is due to marry fiancee Mark, 30, in September and had paid the firm £300 for her venue decoration so far.

The couple from the East End said they are glad they will have time to rearrange a venue decorator for their big day, but are aware other couples might not be so lucky.

Jessica, a nurse, said: "My fiancee did some work for them as a delivery driver for a few weeks and they had told him they were opening up a new showroom in Florida, and they were moving there.

"They said not to worry about what was happening in Glasgow, the store would be fine and they would be nipping over throughout the year.

"They reassured us it would be fine.

"They seem to have just moved to Florida and that's just been it. There has been no explanation or anything.

"We're trying to find someone else.

"We have 16 weeks until the wedding so obviously I'm in a more fortunate position than someone who is getting married this weekend.

"I can't imagine what they are going through"

The Evening Times tried to contact the firm but there was no answer on their phone line and their shop in Glasgow was closed.

Another firm listed under the same name has been registered in Florida since March 2015, with Michelle McMorris listed as one of its owners.

We tried to contact this company however the number had been disconnected.