A NEW service intended to help improve mental health in young people has been launched by the NHS.

Aye Mind aims to promote mental health and wellbeing in people aged between 13 and 21 through online support tools.

The site,www.ayemind.com, was developed by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Young Scot, the Mental Health Foundation and Snook.

It evolved from an earlier website, Project 99, which was given an EU grant of 150,000 euros to help provide positive mental health support for young people.

Dr Trevor Lakey, Health Improvement and Inequalities Manager with NHSGGC, said: “The internet and social media often generates negative coverage.

“However Project 99 and its successor Aye Mind show there is significant potential for using digital resources to support young people’s wellbeing.

"We like to see Aye Mind as almost a Tripadvisor service for the mind – it’s a guide to the positive services out there."

Dr Lakey said young people have been "actively involved" in developing the site, by taking part in day-long workshops.

He added: "Young people have been actively involved throughout this development.

"The event is designed to be both the official launch of the site, but also bring everyone together in one room to evaluate the whole process from start to finish."

The site lists online resources available to help young people with their mental health and tells individual stories of people's experiences.

It was one of only five successful applicants from 106 to be given the EU funding for development.