Residents living near Ibrox and Parkhead should be consulted on how matches affect their lives, according to a senior Labour councillor.

Alistair Watson believes there should be more consultations on large-scale events, such as Rangers and Celtic Games, with locals.

He admitted some events“can and should” be managed better, and has called for community consultations like that held for Bellahouston Park’s Summer Sessions to be held for all large events in Glasgow.

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The Craigton Councillor said: “People who stay next to Ibrox, Parkhead, Hampden and Scotstoun - every time there is a major event they know their lives are likely to be disrupted.

“Should they just sit back and accept it?

“Maybe they do but that doesn’t mean to say that we couldn’t manage these events better.

“I believe we can and we should manage them better but we should do it in an inclusive way that makes sure people who stay within the immediate vicinity at least have a voice.”

The Labour politician said there are known issues around traffic management at Ibrox and Parkhead which need to be addressed.

He explained: “The temporary traffic management order that is in place at Ibrox and Parkhead hasn’t been revised for a considerable length of time, even though the areas round about have changed quite considerably.”

He said the addition of athletes village needs to be factored in to the existing plans to improve traffic for locals.

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Councillor Watson and his ward colleague SNP councillor Alex Wilson have both been actively involved in community consultation events surrounding the Summer Sessions concerts in Bellahouston Park this year.

The discussions were set up after locals complained the concerts were causing problems with antisocial behaviour, violence, traffic and noise.

Now Councillor Watson thinks similar consultations should be extended for any large-scale events.

If the idea became a reality, locals would be asked for their views on events in places such as Glasgow Green and Kelvingrove Park.

Currently the local authority are obliged to notify locals by posting signs on lamp posts and putting notices in the local newspaper.

Councillor Watson said: “The Summer Sessions consultation was put out there as a trial but it’s been an overwhelming success.

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“It has given the people of the Craigton ward a voice.

“I think for the first time they feel as if their voice now matters, and it is being heard.

“I would like to see this type of consultation rolled out city-wide, almost an invitation to every community in Glasgow that they will be able to influence how the council stage and manage large and small events in our parks and green spaces.”