IF you can't beat them... join them.

That's the attitude of a Glasgow shopping centre that has been over run with Pokémon GO players.

Silverburn bosses have introduced bespoke Pokémon GO facilities, including express lanes to contain wandering players.

Silverburn's Pokémon GO express lanes stretch over 250 meters, allowing for players to roam safely and without interruption throughout the mall.

David Pierotti, General Manager at Silverburn, said: "We noticed an uplift in footfall since the craze kicked off a few weeks ago and wanted to ensure the safely of both players and nonplayers

while shopping in the centre.

"Express lanes seemed like a suitable solution and have been very well received since being installed earlier this week."

And Silverburn isn't the only Scottish shopping mall to bow to pressure from the phone-based game craze.

Union Square in Aberdeen has expanded its customer service team to include two "human" charge points, on-hand to rescue players from waning mobile batteries.

Union Square already has lockable charging stations, but with gamers keen to keep on hunting in search of rare Pokémon, portable chargers will allow them to continue their quest to try and catch them all.

Ryan Manson, General Manager at Union Square, said: "Union Square already offer lockable Charge Points, but we felt this added service would further assist our shoppers needs as Pokémon GO continues to sweep the nation."

Since its release, more than 50 million users have downloaded Pokémon GO and the count is still rising.