Jake Quickenden is best known for twice appearing on The X Factor and then becoming a popular face in the jungle during the 2014 series of I’m A Celebrity, as well as being a keen footballer and all-round TV star.

But fans might be surprised to know that the 27-year-old personality almost lost his life after suffering a boxing injury as a teenager.

Speaking to the Press Association, Jake revealed he “used to box from age 12 to 17″ but that it all ended abruptly after a life-threatening accident caused him to stop taking part in the sport.

Jake QuickendenJake Quickenden has spoken about a near-fatal injury he suffered as a result of boxing in his teens (Ian West/PA Wire/PA Images)

“A dislocated jaw and a broken nose that could have killed me ended all that,” he explained.

Jake is now happily healthy and well, and is set to take part in an inspirational new segment on ITV’s Lorraine in the autumn.

Called Kelly’s Heroes, Jake will be tasked with going round to visit people who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help others, and who have been nominated by a family member, friend or charity.

“It will all be live and I’ll be coming to surprise people at their place of work or their home or anywhere,” Jake explained, enthusiastic about his new TV gig.

Jake QuickendenJake Quickenden is set to host a new segment on ITV’s Lorraine, called Kelly’s Heroes (SYCO/THAMES TV / PA Images)

“It’s about pulling the community together. There are all these great people out there who do stuff for charity or help their family.

“It’s a nice feeling when somebody does something nice and doing it for nothing, and then get rewarded for it,” the reality star added.

The new regular segment will kick off in September and will award extraordinary people who have made a difference to other people’s lives.

When asked who he would choose to be one of Kelly’s Heroes, Jake said: “I’d always nominate my mum. With losing my little brother and stuff like that, she’s been my rock.”

Jake’s brother Oliver was 19 when he lost his life to bone cancer in 2012, the same disease that killed his father four years earlier.

Jake went on: “Without her support I’d have never have gone for The X Factor or been able to do the jungle. She supported me so much, especially after losing my little brother.”

And, like every good son, he added: “Plus I think she’d give me a clip round the ear if I chose somebody else.”

Jake Quickenden fronts ‘Kelly Heroes’ on ITV’s Lorraine from September. For more details see itv.com/lorraine.