HE promised to run 366 Miles for Moira.

But now fitness fanatic Richard Cooper is set to smash his target five months early and he's raising the stakes - to 600 miles.

Richard pledged earlier this year to support the Moira Fund, set up in memory of Moira Jones, who was murdered in Queen's Park.

As first told in the Evening Times in January, Richard went to school in Staffordshire with her brother, Grant, but moved to Glasgow's South Side as an adult.

He committed to run one mile for each day of the year - but he's set to hit his target at the Paisley 10k on Sunday, August 21.

Richard - usually joined by his teenage son Keiran - has run 65 races since January, including 5k, 10k and ultramarathons.

The 45-year-old said: "I've been surprised to learn that Keiran and I have become something like minor celebrities.

"A really well-known young runner came over to me last week and said that we were becoming famous for our running and I said to her, 'What? But you're the famous one.'

"I realised I was about to run my 65th race already this year and was only 20 miles away from my target. Last year I ran 65 races in the full year.

"So I thought about what else I could do and decided to rest the target to 600 miles, which is not going to be easy at all."

In May 2008, Moira was parking near her Queens Park flat, having just returned from work, when she was abducted and taken into the park.

The 40-year-old was raped, robbed and murdered, leaving her parents, Bea and Hu, and her brother Grant absolutely devastated.

But her brave family were determined to bring something good from her murder and set up the Moira Fund.

It supports the loved ones of people who have been murdered.

Bea said: "What Richard has achieved is just amazing and we can't thank him enough for his support."

Richard was at school with Grant while his brother Paul was in the same class as Moira. His mum lives just round the corner from Bea in their village of Weston.

He was spurred on to run for Moira after taking part in the first Moira's Run, in Queen's Park, and winning it.

To make sure he hit his target, Richard took on three ultramarathons: the Kintyre Way (35.5miles), the Clyde Stride and the River Ayr Way (both 40mls), and the Glen Coe Mountain Marathon (26 mls).

And being joined by Keiran, 16, has spurred him on.

Richard said: "Keiran is often with me and I'm proud to watch my son as he improves week after week. I'm lucky now if I can keep my eye on him, never mind catch up with him.

"He came home this week with his exam results and it was all straight As.

"And I thought about how there's a link there with Bea. I was telling Bea about Keiran and I'm thinking about how Moira must have come home one day with her exam results.

"You think, 'Her daughter was murdered,' and you think how awful that is.

"That's really what keeps me going."

While Richard is pleased with the attention he and Keiran are bringing to the Moira Fund, he really hopes people will get behind him and pledge financial support.

He wants to raise as much cash as possible to help people who are dealing with the trauma of losing a family member in violent circumstances.

To donate to Richard's challenge, see: mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/richardacooper