A CITY restaurant boss plans to install a replica Glasgow tram outside his premises in a bid to lure more tourists to the South Side.

Marco Giannasi, who opened the Battlefield Rest bistro in 1994, wants to use the vehicle as a tearoom and theatre with profits going to local charities and good causes.

His existing restaurant dates back to 1914 and was originally a tram station where workers would check in to show they were on time.

Mr Giannasi, who was born in Glasgow, has lodged a planning application for the replica tram with the city council and is now waiting for it to be considered.

He said: “The idea started many years ago when I took over the Battlefield restaurant and restored it.

“We thought it would be great to have a tram and make it a feature of the area.

“At the time it wasn't feasible because of the traffic going to the Victoria Hospital opposite but we thought the closure of the hospital was an opportunity.

“We are hoping to build a replica of a 1920s Glasgow tram and I have spoken to the Tramway about the possibility of doing live shows in the afternoon or evening.”

Mr Giannasi has contacted an expert in Fife about creating a replica tram and is hoping it will be in place in about a year.

He said: “I don't think something like this has been tackled before and it will be quite a challenge but it will be something for people to enjoy in the future.

“So far, everyone has been very supportive and interested in the idea.”

The restaurant boss hopes the new venture will attract both city residents and tourists to the South Side.

He said: “Tourist maps stop at the Clyde and the South Side has always been neglected.

“There are beautiful things in the area but nobody crosses the river for some reason.

“The tram would be an opportunity to bring tourists and people from the north of the city to the south.

“This is not a business venture. I was born in Glasgow and when I retire, it would be nice to leave a legacy.

“Some people may think we are doing it because we want to expand and make more money out of it but that is not the case.

“I want to give the money to local charities or groups with a link to Glasgow.”