Verdict: Three stars of beauty

I will admit, I don't really understand contouring so when I was handed this Sara Hill Shine and Sculpt Kit, I went back to basics.

I did a quick Google search and disccovered the areas of the face you need to contour.

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Glasgow Times:

So using the two sticks, I followed this stroke by stroke. The key is to highlight and shape your face using two tones of make-up. One stick is dark and the other is light.

Stage two is blending. I decided to YouTube this, and I came across several videos from beauty bloggers.

This helped me understand the right type of brush to use and how best to blend.

I found this kit really easy to use and blend, and for real contour fans I am positive they will love it.

I, however, personally don't contour because I feel I am blessed with high cheek bones so I haven't been able to see if it makes a huge difference to my face.

I am glad I tried this kit, but it did add 20 minutes to my beauty routine and I think you need to really set aside time to do it properly.

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Glasgow Times:

I perhaps need to also have a professional contour my face to see if it does make the difference as my own version just meant I had more make up on for the same result I usually get.

I did, however, love the bronzing effect the make-up gave to my face and for any days I am feeling on the pale Twlight side, I think I could be tempted to get out this kit.

The kit costs £50 and is available here