A giant spider has left workers terrified after it crawled out of a shipping container in Dumbarton.

The unidentified arachnid was discovered at a plant and machinary hire business in Lomondgate, Dumbarton, at 8am this morning. 

The company ships generator parts to Scotland from India and China and it appears the stow away fancied an overseas trip. 

A source told the Evening Times how terrified workers called the SPCA when a colleague noticed a black object scuttle past. 

He said: "The guys were working on set this morning when someone saw it crawl out. 

The whole team were terrified it was poisonous. One worker managed to get it into a bin and everyone was crowding round trying to identify it. 

Glasgow Times:

Nobody wanted to go near it, it's obviously not from Scotland."

The spider is described as the size of a man's palm, with red fangs, and black markings across it's furry brown body.

It's legs were estimated to be around 6-7 inches in length. 

The Scottish SPCA were called out to the incident at 9.15am this morning. 

A Scottish SPCA spokesperson said: “We can confirm that we were called to a manufacturing business in Lomondgate, Dumbarton, this morning after we received reports of a large spider.

“We safely removed the spider and it is currently in the hands of an arachnid expert in order to identify the exact species.”

A formal identification to confirm the species has yet to take place. 

The discovery comes after warnings of sex-crazed spiders invading Glasgow homes as mating season begins.