A group of neo-Nazi white supremacists have organised “soup-kitchens of hate” in Glasgow.

At the end of August, the Hitler worshipping teenage fascists of National Action joined with Polish fascist party The National Revival of Poland, to set up stall outside the St Enoch centre offering food and clothes to white homeless people.

A spokesman for Police Scotland told The National that officers were called to the stall at around 10pm when protesters turned up. The force spoke to everyone involved but, because nothing happening was illegal, no action was taken.

Members of the right-wing group admitted that it is principally propaganda.

As reported by our sister publication The National, anti-fascists have reacted furiously to the group, telling National Action that their politics of discrimination and hate has “no place in Scotland”.

National Action’s charity drive copies similar action carried out by neo-Nazi political party Golden Dawn in Greece. In that country the selectively racist acts of charity were nicknamed “soup-kitchens of hate”.

Dr Pollard, an expert on fascism at Cambridge University told Vice magazine it was not uncommon for neo-Nazi organisations to put effort into “social outreach”.

Dr Pollard said: “This is nothing new: the NSDAP/SA [the original Nazis] invested heavily in social outreach during the Great Depression in Weimar Germany and this was institutionalised into the Winterhilfe – literally, ‘winter help’ – after they came to power.”

Solicitor Aamer Anwar said: “These people are fascists who prey on the most vulnerable – homelessness is not caused by refugees fleeing war torn countries nor is it caused by ethnic minorities. These wannabe ‘master race’ types have no place in Scotland – one look at their website reveals their true intentions.”

The National Action, which are mostly middle-class students, came to prominence after the referendum when stickers claiming areas of Glasgow were “white zones” started appearing in the city. They are seemingly small in number, but have joined with the SDL on protests.

When Donald Trump was opening his golf course in Turnberry in June, the UWS campus in Paisley was plastered with ‘White Power – Trump’ stickers.

Britain has seen a rise in the number of racist incidents reported since the Brexit vote.