A neo-nazi food bank for “whites only” organised by a far right extremist group in Glasgow City centre has been branded unacceptable and should be stamped out according to a government minister.

Sandra White, SNP MSP for Kelvin, raised the incident with the community safety minister in the Scottish Parliament.

The group with banners proclaiming “White Rescue” and displaying far right and Nazi symbols set up a stall outside the St Enoch Centre offering free food and clothes to white homeless people.

Glasgow Times:

Sandra White, SNP MSP for Kelvin

The MSP said the stunt was “discriminatory and racist” and wanted action from the police to ensure it was not repeated.

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Ms White asked if the minister, Annabelle Ewing was aware of the incident.

She asked: “The minister might be aware of the recent incident outside the St Enoch centre in Glasgow, where a far-right group calling itself national action organised a food bank collection for whites only.

“What steps can and will Police Scotland take to ensure that such discriminatory and racist action is stamped out?”

Similar street food banks have been organised by right wing white supremacist groups in other parts of Europe notably Greece where they have been branded “soup kitchens of hate”.

The Glasgow event was reportedly organised by a group called National Action joined by Polish fascist party The National Revival of Poland.

Ms Ewing said: “The behaviour that Sandra White mentioned is, of course, completely unacceptable, and we as a Government are committed to doing all that we can to stamp it out.

“Police Scotland is closely monitoring the situation and will not hesitate to take action against hate crime.”

At the time of the incident Police Scotland were called to the scene after protesters turned up trying to shut down the stall.

Police said that as nothing illegal was taking place it took no action.

She said that the government monitors incidents on a daily basis to protect people and communities.

The ‘food banks’ are similar to those organised by far right party the BNP.

The BNP sparked anger when it organised its own form of “Brits only” food banks.

Read more: Neo-Nazi gang organise white only foodbank for 'soup kitchens of hate' in Glasgow streets

Ex party leader, Nick Griffin said activists were going door-to-door offering food and essentials to people in need in London and the north of England.

He said they were for “indigenous Brits only” adding minorities had their own tax payer funded schemes.