A company which cut their staff's working week by a day without cutting their wages has seen productivity soar by 30%.

The move has proved so successful, some of their clients are now considering following their lead.

Glasgow based Pursuit Marketing introduced the shorter working week a month ago to improve staff wellbeing and boost recruitment.

Its sales and telemarketing staff now work Monday to Thursday with no reduction in pay or other benefits.

As part of National Work Life Balance Week, which runs until October 7, Pursuit has revealed as well as a rise in productivity there has been virtually no sickness absence.

Operations director Lorraine Gray said: "We can't believe how well our four-day week has been received by staff. They are returning to work on Mondays with a spring in their step following their three day weekend.

"It's not just about pleasing parents in the office. Yes, our working mums and dads get to spend more time with their families but other staff are enjoying the benefits too as they have more time to spend on sports and leisure activities.

"Our clients are watching our four day week with great interest. They are delighted with our increased productivity levels and some are now considering adopting a similar model for some staff themselves."

"With National Work Life Balance underway, we would encourage other businesses to consider how best they can help their employees to achieve a more positive and healthy work-life balance."

Other perks at Pursuit include free 8am gym sessions, access to a wellness coach, personal trainers, massage therapists, a running club and nutrition advice. Flexible working patterns are also available for both mothers and fathers.

Research conducted for National Work Life Balance Week found just 12% of Scottish parents with jobs had the right work-life balance.