Meet Maysie, the hardy 102-year-old who struck gold in the genetic lottery.

She smoked for 75 years and when she was told to quit, she took up her 90s and still enjoys a daily nightcap of Chardonnay.

While, most of us are battling to quit unhealthy habits, Maisie has continued to indulge and has reached 102 with no major health problems.

Her son Sandy says its "absurd" how young she looks for her age and is hoping her good genes have passed on to him.

Maysie enjoyed a celebratory party - and a glass of her favourite white - yesterday at Glenlivit care home in Newton Mearns.

Sandy, who is a former teacher, said: "If you saw her sitting down, she could easily pass for her late 70s.

"Her mobility isn't great but that's it really. There's been no real decline.

"It's absurd really.

"She always said (her secret) was cigarettes and bananas. She broke her femur in her 90s and spent a month in hospital and the only real negative was that she couldn't smoke.

"When she came out, she took up drinking and still enjoys a glass of Chardonnay every night before she retires."

Maisie Scott was born, one of four children, on October 5 1914, in Pollokshaws, shortly after the outbreak of the first world war.

She worked as an editor's secretary at the Daily Express in Glasgow's Albion Street for more than 10 years before moving to Mellick's legal firm in the city centre.

She then got a job at Southern General hospital, where she worked in admin in the obstetrics ward, and had to be forced to retire as, unknown to bosses, she was still working in her 70s.

Maisie's husband Alex died at the age of 65 but she continued to live in her own home in Pollokshields until she was in her 90s.

Sandy said: "She was working in the Southern General in her early 70s, when the cut off was 65.

"When they found out, they said, 'there must be some mistake?'

"She had to pack up her bags and go. She was quite blase about it all.

"The home have been terrific. The average time elderly people spend in homes is 18 months but she's been there seven years."