A dead squirrel spotted in a window of a Woolworths shop has been given its own hilarious Twitter account.

The deceased rodent has been lying in the empty shop in Edinburgh since early October and now a passerby has taped a sign on the widow saying "Tweet me @DeidSquirrel".

On its Twitter account, the squirrel has a bio stating: "Hi. I'm a dead squirrel in a Corstorphine shop window. I've been on public display for days so I've got a public profile. I'm an ex squirrel in an ex Woolies."

The @DeidSquirrel account has been tweeting about news from the perspective of the dead squirrel since October 3.

It Tweeted: "If I was red, would you care more? #NotACutePanda #Edinburgh."

Below is a collecton of the 'Deid Squirrel's Tweets: