This week I hosted one of the most prestigious events of my career, “A Conversation on Making a Murderer”, with lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting. I can’t believe we found two defence lawyers that weren't tied up with work after the football at the weekend! It was the oddest thing. The O2 Academy was sold out -  not for a dance event, gig or even stand up. 2000 tickets were bought to hear two American lawyers talk about a murder case that is nearly 10 years old. That’s got to be a first!

Making a Murder has been the most talked about TV show of the year. Its subject matter isn't something you’d normally find us talking about on Heart Scotland nor here in the Evening Times. However, the story of Teresa Halbach’s murder and subsequent convictions for Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey is fascinating. Many believe they didn't commit the crime and were set up with planted evidence by the police. It’s a long story, you have to watch the show! Lynne hasn't seen it yet, so she’s had no clue what I’ve been chatting about the past few weeks, just the usual then?

Glasgow Times:

We received so many amazing questions from the audience on Monday night. I had promised the guys Glasgow would have lots to say for itself and it didn’t disappoint.

Even though the conversation was mostly serious, there were a few laughs along the way. Dean and Jerry discussed their new title as lawyer heart throbs across the world.

Oh no, it’s here - the final Bake Off for two years! The only silver lining, is at least there isn't a GlasGLOW spin off reality version yet. Can you imagine, a fake tanned Mary Berry baking cakes by day, clubbing in Merchant City by night. Anyway, we saved our worst celebrity cake for last. Admittedly we nearly ran out of icing…

Glasgow Times:

Guesses included Pingu with a fur coat on, a cartoon duck with a fish on the end of a fishing rod and Orvil. For the record, it was meant to be Kim Kardashian in that iconic picture with the champagne bottle. This is the first week the ‘Mick Hucknall’ guess didn’t make an appearance so that’s a win! Until next time Bake off…

Paul x

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