South side residents are to finally receive a community centre after five years of wrangling.

But instead of a permanent facility, council bosses are to spend £180,000 on a temporary hut because plans are still not agreed.

Glasgow City Council sold Oatlands and parts of nearby Richmond Park in 2005 to a housebuilder for a peppercorn rent of £1 a year.

In exchange, Avant Homes agreed to fulfil 23 developer’s obligations, which included upgrades to the park, new allotments and diverting Rutherglen Road.

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Bosses also pledged to build a new community centre as the previous centre was knocked down to make way for flats.

Avant Homes, which was called Bett Homes until a rebrand in 2015, agreed to pay £500,000 for a new community centre.

Original designs included converting the B-listed St Margaret’s Church on the edge of the Oatlands development.

If the community centre was not completed, the agreement stated £500,000 would be given to Glasgow City Council.

In 2011 it was found that plans for a community centre including the listed church would cost £4.5million.

Oatlands Development Trust, Avant Homes and Glasgow City Council have since been trying to find a solution.

The new community centre will be paid for from the £500,000 payment to the council, approved at council executive committee, leaving £320,000 towards the permanent facility.

Peter Scott, chairman of Oatlands Development Trust, said:”It would be a lie to say we are not disappointed but this is a complex situation.

“The land has a church on it that is listed and the cost of refurbishing it would be £4.5m and we were £2m short of that.

“We have explored all sorts of ways to save the church but it will take a lot of time looking at how best to rectify that situation.

“The council has called the solution temporary but we would say it was Phase 1. We are looking at a modular build construction that can become part of the larger, permanent centre or that will retain its value so we can sell it.”

He added: “It’s been a long time coming to fruition. It is something the Development Trust said it wanted to set up back in 2011 and take forward as a project for the community.

“It was a much larger project than the one we are looking at, at the moment.

“The funding just wasn’t there for such a large project and since then we’ve been trying to take forward a more pragmatic project.”

The Richmond Gate development previously caused controversy when the Evening Times revealed Glasgow City Council had picked up the £3m bill for diverting Rutherglen Road as Bett could not do so.

There were also issues, covered in the Evening Times, with the quality of replacement allotments provided by the housebuilder.

Glasgow City Council also did not value the land before passing it to Avant Homes for the £1-a-year rent.

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The 1400-home development should have been completed in 2014 but bosses now say the community will not be completed until 2022.

A spokesman from Avant Homes said: “In 2001, market forecasts suggested the Richmond Gate development would be completed by 2014.

“However, as with many large scale projects, the recession in 2008, and the ensuing global finance issues, meant this initial completion projection was deferred.

“With the housebuilding industry now buoyant, and the popularity of the development growing quickly, current market trends suggest Richmond Gate will be complete by 2022.

“With regards to the 23 original developer’s obligations Avant Homes has committed to, we have so far completed 14 and have invested in excess of £11m in a range of public amenities including infrastructure, social housing and public spaces.

“The nine remaining obligations are expected to receive further investment of £4m.”