POLICE have attempted to save a man from falling from a window at the front of one of Glasgow's busiest commuter spots.

It is understood that the man was hanging over a window on Gordon Street above the Gordon Street Coffee Shop today before he fell onto a table below.

Glasgow Times:

Witnesses have said that police were holding on to him prior to the fall.

His injuries are not known at this stage but paramedics are at the scene attempting to save him.

It is understood the man fell from the fourth floor. 

Glasgow Times:

One witness, who did not want to be named, said: "There were folk shouting up at the guy and I could hear stuff smashing.

"I thought he was chucking stuff out the window to the street below, but I looked up and I saw the guy was actually hanging out the window.

"The cops had a hold of him, and he was literally hanging out of the window naked with the police holding on to him by his ankles.

"He was wriggling, trying to get away from the cops, and after about five minutes down he went, three floors, and landed on the table in the coffee shop right outside Central Station.

"The ambulance arrived and tried to get the guy back on track, but I don't know if he's got much chance to be honest."

Glasgow Times:

A Police Scotland spokesman said: "We have been called to a report of a man having fell from a window on Gordon Street.

"Police remain at the scene."

Glasgow Times:

The whole of Gordon Street is closed off meaning anyone using Glasgow Central Station will have to access the train hub via Argyle Street, Hope Street or Union Street.

The street also houses one of the city's busiest taxi ranks.