FATHERS in two Scottish prisons are writing lullabies for their children as part of a Glasgow-based music project.
In Tune allows dads to sing, play instruments and dance with their children and partners, instead of just chatting in visiting rooms.
The project, funded by  BBC Children In Need, which is running in Barlinnie and Polmont, aims to help strengthen family relationships which may have broken down.


One child said: Usually when I come here my Mum and Dad just talk away and I’m just running around everywhere, but at In Tune you can just sit down and enjoy all being together.”
Fergus McNeill, Professor of Criminology at the University of Glasgow , said: “Prisoners’ families might be described as the forgotten victims of criminal justice. 
“By supporting them we can also support the development of safer communities and of a fairer society with less crime and less reoffending.”