A quarter of Scots have had 'the fear' after believing they've misbehaved at the office Christmas party, a study has revealed.

Boozed-up office workers have admitted to getting up to no-good in a recent survey which revealed 12 per cent of Scots have confessed their love for a colleague following some Dutch courage.

A further one in five have gone a step further by enjoying a sneaky snog with a co-worker while a third admitted to flirting with colleagues at previous parties.

An eighth of Scots questioned have guzzled so much alcohol at Christmas bashes that they had to call in sick the following day - with men more likely to phone in.

Some workers have had such a wild night that a whole six per cent got caught out and dumped by their partner for their behaviour on the staff night-out.

And seven per cent of us are thinking of missing this year's do to stay out of trouble while 24 per cent say they'll go but take it easy.

One in eight Scots have admitted to rushing to Facebook so that they could delete potentially incriminating posts before anyone sees them.

The survey was carried out by PR firm Igniyte across the whole UK and found that those in Northern Ireland were likely to have the wildest time with 36 per cent kissing a colleague and 27 per cent being too ill to work the next day.

Simon Wadsworth, managing director for Igniyte, said social media has made letting loose at the Christmas party much more risky.

He added: "In the past there was an understanding that 'what happened at the party, stayed at the party' but the advent of social media has changed everything.

"Now when staff drink too much and go a bit crazy at the Christmas do there's a very real danger it will seen by lots of people - including their boss or other half.

"All it takes is one person to share a dodgy picture or snap you doing something you shouldn't and you're in serious trouble - at home and at work.

"As so many of us are deciding, the best way to stay out of trouble is to avoid drinking too much or losing control in the first place."