THE number of donor organs transplanted has increased by a third in Wales since plans were unveiled for an opt-out system.

Figures show  the number of life-saving donor organs has risen from 120 on December 1 2013 to  160 in December 1 2016, when a system of deemed consent was introduced.

In the two years prior to the introduction, the Welsh Government launched a major publicity campaign to raise awareness about the law change.

A year on since the law was introduced, 39 organs from patients whose consent was deemed have been transplanted into people who are in need of replacement organs.

Glasgow Times:

The Scottish Government is about to launch a consultation on a possible shift to an opt-out system in Scotland. The Evening Times has led a five-year campaign calling for the change. In February, the then Health Secretary, Maureen Watt pledged to legislate.

Welsh Health Secretary Vaughan Gething said: “In the last year alone we’ve seen a steady rise in the numbers of people living in Wales whose lives have been saved or improved by an organ transplant. This is good news.

“The latest figures for deemed consents in Wales are encouraging.

 “I am extremely proud that, thanks to this legislation from the Welsh Government, we lead the way as the first nation in the UK to move to a soft opt-out system of consent. 

“I fully expect that the new system we’ve put in place will create a step change in consent for organ donation in Wales. The benefits to those needing a transplant will be literally, life changing.”