Winter is coming to Scotland along with a taste of one of the world's biggest TV shows as a new Game of Thrones pop-up bar prepares to open. 

The Blood & Wine bar will open next month and will give fans the opportunity to try drinks featured in the show and George RR Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' novels. 

Thrones fans will be able to try out the menu every Wednesday and Thursday night in the cellar of the Daylight Robbery bar in Edinburgh. 

And the medieval tavern setting will only bring fans closer to the world of Westeros. 

Linden Wilkinson, a self-confessed obsessive Game of Thrones fan, first came up with the idea for Blood & Wine when he moved to the city with his partner a few years ago. 

After taking a tour of Edinburgh, they found out about the inspirations behind some of the series' most infamous events. 

And it helped them Linden realise he could mix drink with entertainment. 

He said: "We can't wait to bring Blood & Wine to Edinburgh, a city steeped in its own incredible history. 

"In fact, events in Edinburgh Castle acted as the inspiration for the infamous Red Wedding. 

"We think a city as beautiful and atmospheric as Edinburgh is the perfect place to host Blood & Wine, it's absolutely on par with Kings Landing." 

The infamous Red Wedding chapter in the books shocked viewers during the show's third series when it killed off multiple characters in gruesome ways. 

But author George RR Martin has previously admitted the massacre was inspired by Scottish history, including the so-called Black Dinner in Edinburgh Castle in 1440. 

William Douglas, the sixth earl of Douglas, along with his brother David, was given a mock trial and beheaded shortly after having dinner with King James II. 

Linden added: "Everything on our menu can be found in the books or on the show. 

"We have a selection of wines, spirits, ales and infusions on offer so no matter what your drinking preference our guests will enjoy tasting their way through the Seven Kingdoms. 

"We also have a wine tasting flight on offer called the wines of Westeros for connoisseurs out there." 

The tavern will be decorated in props provided by the Knights Vault, Edinburgh's leading licensed sword seller. 

Linden said: "It really will be an amazing experience for Game of Thrones fans, we are really looking forward to the opening night. 

The pop-up bar will open on January 4.