POLICE were on the receiving end of racist and homophobic abuse after two men stole cider from a Glasgow supermarket.

John Mitchell, 25, and Coner Uruhart, 25, were sentenced at Glasgow Sheriff Court for stealing £15 worth of cider from Morrisons in Merkland Court.

The court heard that the two were confronted by security at the supermarket where Mitchell threatening security and brandished a bottle.

Following on from this were slurs of abuse dished out by Coner Urquhart who called one police officer a “Taliban b*****d” and the other a “f***ing poofter” and a “spice boy”.

Both were sentenced to carry out unpaid work for their relative charges.

John Mitchell AKA McDermid was sentenced to carry out 200 hours.

Coner Urquhart was sentenced to carry out 160 hours.

Procurator fiscal Masooma Jaffri said the two security officers were alerted to a security message and were asked to go to the front door.

Both accused had stored bottles and cans of cider in a black hold all.

The court heard that McDermid threatened the security officers and said he had a blade.

However, he didn’t and picked up a glass bottle and threatened to hit them with it.

Police then searched for the accused after they walked away where they found Urquhart.

The defending solicitor for Mitchell said thatthe 25-year-old had stopped drinking and had moved in with his partner.

The defending solicitor for Urquhart said he had not committed any further offences.

Mitchell and Urquhart, both of Dumbarton Road, admitted that on March 15 this year did steal a quantity of alcohol at Morrisons in Merkland Court.

Both also admitted shouting, swearing and uttering threats of violence to security on the same date at the same place and brandished a bottle.

Urquhart further admitted that on the same day in Dumbarton Road he struggled violently with police officers

He also admitted that he swore, shouted and uttered racial remarks at a police officer.

Furthermore he admitted he admitted shouting swearing and shouting homophobic remarks at a police officer.