A MAN was jailed for a raft of incidents including stalking, vandalism and a driving offence which followed on from sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl.

Paul Dempster, 49, was sentenced at Glasgow Sheriff Court for a string of offences he had no explanation to.

He appeared before Sheriff Platt in a deferred sentence case after he stood trial.

Dempster, a prisoner at HMP Addiewell, admitted that between February 1 2013 and May 5 2013 at an address in Milton and elsewhere in Glasgow, he sexually assaulted a girl, who was eight-years-old at the time, by kissing her on the lips climbing in to bed with her and cuddling her.

The prisoner then went on to admit a string of offences where he poured paint and smeared excrement over windows.

The court heard that he could give no explanation why he carried out these acts.

He also admitted that on May 25 2013 at another address that he scraped the sides and bonnet of a car as well as damage its tyres without reasonable excuse.

He further admitted to damaging the same car on May 29 2013.

He also admitted that on May 29 2013 at Russell Pets and Tackle Limited on Cumbernauld Road he poured paint over the door and window.

He further admitted on the same day at the Nicholson Centre on Chryston Road he smeared excrement and other unknown substances on a door, poured paint over a window and poured white spirit or something similar through the letter box.

He then admitted that on various occasions between July 3 2013 and July 12 2013 to driving past a female's home and sending her a letter.

On July 10 2013 at Heathfield Avenue, Moodiesburn, he used a car without insurance.

He also admitted that on July 21 2013at Russel’s Pets and Tackle on Cumbernauld Road, Muirhead, he posted a letter through the letter box addressed to another woman in an attempt to contact her.

He admitted to a further two charges which took place on July 8 and July 15 2014 where he failed to turn up to court.

Defending solicitor Ms Glancy explained to the sheriff her client’s “unusual” circumstances in order to provide background to how these incidents came about.

The solicitor went on to say that Dempster was raised by his grandparents who he believed to be his mother and father.

His mother lived with him as well but he was under the impression she was actually his sister.

The mother then left to start a new family leaving Dempster with his grandparents who later died.

“He found himself in a fully isolated situation,” said Glancy.

The court then heard the girl he got involved with was the daughter of a friend who no longer stayed in touch with the accused.

It was also said that he had only been known to the criminal justice system when he entered his 40s.

He had no cases prior.

Dempster was jailed for three and a half years and put on the sex offenders register for 10 years was also placed on a a non-harassment order for five years.