APRENTICE star Raj Dhonota has given a funding boost to two entrepreneurial students.

Lewis Pour, of Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), and Zane Powell, of Dundee University, have created a Tinder-style job-search app to help match students with graduate work.

UniJobApp puts students and graduates in touch with internships, work placements and full-time jobs.

It has been made possible by £87,000 from Raj, who appeared on the reality show in 2005.

Zane, a second-year Law student, said: “We wanted to reflect on typical challenges faced by students and local businesses in Scotland.

“Our research has shown that fewer and fewer students and graduates use standard recruitment sites.

“Current social media and recruitment pages are often unappealing to them too, as there is a lot of England-centric focus when it comes to employment in the UK.

“We wanted to develop an app that isn’t just beautiful and effective to use, but also one that focuses on the talent we have right here in Scotland.”

Zane and Lewis, an Advanced Internetwork Engineering Masters student at GCU, are childhood friends and were inspired by personal experience to design an easy-swipe app that allows students and graduates in Scotland to easily match with employers.

The pair, who will launch their app in April, used the expertise of GCU’s UHatch business accelerator, an entrepreneurial hub initiative designed to support students, staff and alumni to develop their business skills and start up their own organisations.

Lewis added: “The Tinder comparison is apt, as students will swipe left until they find a relevant job and then swipe right when they want to apply. “Employers will also be able to use the swiping motion, but this will be to headhunt student profiles.”

The app will be made available for download via the App Store with the addition of a supporting website.