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SHE struts around in a pink collar with her fluffy white hair blowing in the wind - but Milly is no average Bichon Frise as she loves nothing more than throwing on her diamante encrusted helmet and hitting the open road.

The daredevil pooch happily hops in her specialised bag and travels the country with doting dad Paul Crossan, who rescued her from Cardonald cat and dog home less than a year ago, at the helm.

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In February last year, the retired plumber was looking for a new companion to join him on the road in his camper van since his Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Tia, had preferred staying home with mum Lynne and big brother Ryan as she got older.

Glasgow Times:

Photo credit: Clydebank Post

An assistant at the centre took Paul upstairs to find a nervous Milly who had been rescued from her previous owners and had to undergo a drastic hair cut due to badly matted hair.

For the 39-year-old, who admits he didn't even know what a Bichon was before he entered the room, it was love at first sight.

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A year one, the 1-year-old has come on leaps and bounds but she simply can't bear to parted from her beloved owner, which forced Paul to get a little creative.

He told the Clydebank Post: "She's got attachment issues, hence the reason she comes everywhere with me.

"She's done the full North Coast 500 and she loves it.

"We'll stop next to someone and I'll say 'say hello' and she'll turn around and bark.

Everyday Paul dresses his 1-year-old bundle of fluff in a leather jacket and jeans combo and her helmet, which he built himself by cutting an old piggy bank, attaching sponges to the inside and transforming a collar into a chin strap, with, of course, a visor so she can properly greet her adoring roadside fans.

"She loves it", Paul, from Drumchapel said, "you find you ride much more carefully with her.

"She comes everywhere with me, it's caused a wee bit of jealousy.

"If my wife and I go somewhere I'll say the dog is coming and it doesn't always go down well. But I don't see a problem with it, so many places allow dogs in now."

But Paul isn't too concerned what his wife and son think - although admits they thought he was "mental" when he first suggested riding with Milly - because he would be lost without his fluffy sidekick.

He added: "She's my baby but you can imagine how much stick I get for it. But it's fine, I can see the joke in it.

"It's great that she gives people this other idea about bikers and I love the smile she puts on people's faces.

"She's just always there. I'd be lost without her, she just rules the roost in my house."

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To keep up-to-date with Milly's journeys across the country and beyond, visit her Facebook page.