YOU’VE heard of the hairy bikers, well meet Milly the hairy barker.

The adorable Bichon Frise loves nothing more than being on motorbike rides dressed in full leather gear and goggles.

The motorcycle-loving hound called Milly is a regular sight speeding around the country lanes in jacket and helmet.

Milly, a Bichon Frise, dons the gear and hops into her specialised travel bag on her owner’s bike when they go on adventures.

Retired plumber Paul Crossan, 39, first met “timid” Milly while he was looking for a canine companion for his camper van road trips.

Glasgow Times:

She had been neglected by previous owners, but Paul says he “fell in love” from the moment he set eyes on her.

The daredevil duo are practically inseparable nowadays -travelling about the country on Paul’s motorbike.

Paul said: “I think my wife does get a bit jealous. When we go out I ask if we can take the dog and it doesn’t always go down well.

“When Milly sees me outside, she’ll start clawing at the window to get out. She rules the roost in our house.

“She’s got attachment issues, hence the reason she comes everywhere with me.

“A lot of people don’t like bikers as they can pee them off when they weave in and out of traffic and overtake cars.

“But when they see the dog, I’ve never seen anyone with their face tripping them.”

Paul’s other dog, Staffordshire terrier Tia, prefers staying at home in Drumchapel, Glasgow, with mum Lynne and big brother Brian.

But little Milly enjoys getting glammed up in her head-turning ensemble of jeans, a leather jacket and her diamante-encrusted helmet.

The pint-sized dog diva has earned plenty of admirers for her rock chick get-up, with passers-by whipping out their phones to take photos of her on the road.

Paul said: “She’s got ‘Wee Man Syndrome.’ “She loves kids and dogs, but when other people come up to clap her she looks at them like, ‘Wit ye dain? Go away!’”

“She loves it. You find you ride much more carefully with her.

“When I tell her to say hello, she’ll turn around and yap at people. She’s a good girl.

“It’s great that she gives people this other idea about bikers and I love the smile she puts on people’s faces.”