RUTH Davidson unveiled her plan for the environment and said she wanted Scotland to be a more “green and pleasant land”.

More electric cars with free city centre parking for greener vehicles and two new nuclear power stations are at the centre of the Tories’ vision for the environment.

Ruth Davidson, Scottish party leader outlined her new environment policy paper to tackle climate change.

The plan wants more incentives for electric cars, including allowing them to use bus and taxi lane, for a fund to expand electric vehicle charging and urges public bodies to use more electric vehicles.

It calls for targets of half of all Scotland’s energy top come from renewables by 2030 and new national parks to be created.

Ms Davidson said she wanted to build two new nuclear power stations, at Torness and Hunterston.

She said “We must do more than just repair damage, we must also improve our environment. We believe it is our duty to the next generation to leave Scotland a better place than we found it.

“Our approach will provide Scots with a greener and more pleasant land to call home.

“We set ourselves this task because it is one of the greatest challenge of our times.”

Mark Ruskell Scottish Greens, Environment spokesman, said the plan was "greenwash".

He said: “The frackers’ friends, the Tories, have no environmental credentials. Actions always speak louder than words, and the actions of their UK Government have set back the creation of jobs in Scotland’s renewables industry.

"As they flap about, trying to shed their nasty image, people will recognise greenwash when they see it.”