Dogs from across Glasgow have been meeting in the city’s west end - for a day out at the cinema.

As part of Glasgow Film Festival (GFF), the Grosvenor Cinema opened its doors today to both film buffs and man’s best friend for a special screening of ‘Rock Dog’.

The film follows a Tibetan Mastiff named Bodi who discovers rock music for the first time.

Throwing caution to the wind, Bodi heads for the big city to pursue a career as a musician as he encounters both villains and friends on his journey.

The mutts were provided with bowls of water, plenty of popcorn, and were even allowed to make use of the cinema’s comfortable leather seats.

The event - which was priced between £5.50 and £10 - was organised after the cinema hosted a similar event for a screening of last year’s hit animated film ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ which proved to be a barking success.

Kate Coventry, programme manager at the Grosvenor, described how the furry animals have always been “surprisingly well behaved” during films.

She told The Scottish Sun: “The odd yap now and then is as rowdy as it gets. People know what they’re coming to, they don’t expect good movie-going etiquette.

“But sometimes dogs can be better behaved than the humans, especially little humans, or drunk humans.”

The unique event came just a week after nine bus loads of film buffs were escorted by a gang of bikers from the Glasgow Film Theatre to a secret location for a special screening of ‘The Lost Boys’.

Glaswegians also braved freezing temperatures for an anniversary screening at intu Braehead this week.

The Glasgow Film Festival will be running until Sunday, having featured more than 300 separate events, showcasing some 180 films from almost 40 countries.