Players and management of Scottish Women's Football (SWF) hope to increase the number of fans and young girls getting into the game in the latest season.

Representatives from all 16 clubs competing in the Scottish Women's Premier League 1 and 2 gathered at Hampden Park in Glasgow to launch the new season ahead of International Women's Day.

With the national team competing in the European Championships this summer, it is hoped more supporters can be encouraged to go to games across the country.

SWF chair Vivienne MacLaren: "Every year we see more and more women and girls playing football.

"The amazing work carried out by players, coaching staff and volunteers has meant there has been a tremendous improvement in the game year on year, which is wonderful."

International Women's Day was a feature of the league launch and Ms MacLaren wants to emphasise the importance of women's football to the younger generation.

She said: "Little girls will see role models and, until recent bursary funding, female Scotland players were working a day job, playing for their club and playing for Scotland.

"They're the real role models out there and I want little girls who see them on TV or at a club game to say 'I want to be a Gemma Fay, or a Kim Little or a Jo Love'.

"I want more girls to play football, to enjoy themselves and if they want to take it further and join a club, we want them to be able to do that."

All teams said they are expecting a harder season than ever before, with East Fife, Motherwell and Hamilton all being promoted into new leagues.

Current champions Glasgow City have prepared for the new season by recruiting Lauren Silver from Florida.

She said: "I can bring more of an analytical style to Glasgow City. I'm really good at reading the game and being able to communicate that to players.

"Glasgow City has done a great job over the past 10 season of being extremely consistent but I do think we need to take other teams really seriously."